About Us

Our Story

We are a small cottage industry and a one person band. Sometimes in tune, but sometimes slightly out of tune with one’s self and the world.

My adventure with poetry began in 2013. I was a late developer on social media. I started writing and posting a few poems as an experiment.  The posts were my observations on life and sometimes photos of  glorious food on the table. At times these posts (not the food) were a little quirky and the humour dry to parched or just burnt (caramelised).

That brings us to 2020. Like many people our lives were turned upside down by Covid19 and the coronavirus. To cut a long story short I was signed off work with work related stress.

I composed a few poems for friends and family. They seemed to go down well.

Maybe creative writing could keep me out of mischief…? 

So here we are.

About Me

I live on the edge of suburbia and near the counties of Staffordshire and Warwickshire.


To see a world that hears the spoken word. A world where everyone can speak freely, listen and be heard with kindness.


To promote and express kindness, love and understanding each day. We aim to conquer the world with words. One by one. Words of understanding and kindness. To encourage one another with kindness and love. Liberally sprinkled with chuckles and maybe a wry smile.


We aim to honest, fair and hard working. We value honesty, fairness and hard work in others. We are committed to delivering the best poetry we can.


We strive to deliver some happiness into your life. We aim to make the world a slightly happier place. To help everyone express their thanks, love and appreciation for others through kind words. We seek to encourage everyone to exercise their chuckle muscles each day. Life is for living. We aim to look back and bask in all the happy warm memories we have shared along the way.

Our Team

Well er, there’s just little old me.



Me working hard in the poem workshop.
Head of Day Dreams


Thank you for the awesome poem - it brought a smile and a tear to my eye. Best birthday present ever!!
My New Best Friend
I loved the poem - thank you!! xxxx
A new Admirer
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