Hand Made Poems

Step One - Initial Contact

Contact us and we will send a short form by email so that you can provide as much information as possible to help the creative process.

Step Two - Complete and Return Information

Complete the questionnaire form and return it along with payment. Ideally payment by BACS, alternatively cheque (cleared). PayPal is also an option. Unfortunately we do not offer credit or debit card payment at this time.

Step Three - The Creative Bit

We book your job into our workshop and start work. We have hammers, nails, saws, files, paint, varnish and finally some polish. Lots of walking, day dreaming and scribbling furiously.

Step Four - First Draft

After a few days we will email you the first draft in a Word file format.

Step Five - Confirmation or Tweaking Time

Once you confirm you are happy let us know. Alternatively if you would like to suggest any changes we can do these before sending the final version in a Word or PDF file format. We hope to be able to offer a printed version, with our official stamp, possibly with a frame at a small extra charge.

Step Six - and Relax

We await to hear your feedback!

Choose the perfect poem

The starter poem plan is sixteen lines. Please note this may not necessarily be in four verses of four lines as it depends on the subject and structure of the poem. 

We will try to accommodate any preferences you have.

You can add extra lines in multiple blocks of four lines as you wish. But please, don’t add too many!


Poem Starter Pack


Poem Bolt-On


Premium Bolt-On

Frequently asked questions

It normally takes a few days to compose your poem. We start once we have received your information and the payment has cleared. 

Yes! We build in a stage just in case you would like  to make any changes before we send the final poem.

We hope to be able to offer the option to print, stamp with our own logo, frame and post out for a small extra charge. 

Ourselves and the  creative world we live in. We rely on the information you provide us. So the more  information the better.  Information such as a possible punch line, key memories, highlights of your relationship and friendship etc. Special memories only you know about to make it personal. We do not search the internet for other poems or lyrics. 

Contact us using the Contact page below and we will email you the questionnaire. Once you complete this, return along with payment and we will start work. Try to give us as much information as you can. Try to give us as much time as you can too. If you have a particular deadline to meet let us know and we will try to re-schedule the workshop to meet this deadline. We only start work once we have received payment. A BACS bank transfer is the quickest way to pay. 

Contact us to start the ballpen rolling…  

What our clients say

Thank you for the awesome poem - it brought a smile and a tear to my eye. Best birthday present ever!!
From Worcester
Awesome! So funny!
Sutton Coldfield
I loved the poem - thank you!! xxxx
I love your poems! xx