Reading and Writing Services

Struggling to write the right words?

Struggling to proof read an important document?

Writing Content

We offer a wide variety of creative content writing services from drafting business documents, tenders, grant applications to marketing communications, website content, business profiles. We can also write song lyrics, plays comedy sketches. We can provide ghost writers for books and published articles.

Content Summaries

We can help summarise documents for you to save you time. We can help summarise technical and scientific papers, medical journals, product information and product data for websites and catalogues.

reading services

We offer a comprehensive reading service. Do you struggle to proof read your documents? Often we see what we want to see and miss simple mistakes. We can help with a second or third pair of eyes to review your content.

Letter Writing

Struggling to write that awkward letter or email? We can help with an independent ear or eye or mouth to help as a sounding board or write it for you.

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Frequently asked questions

We can provide these services on a time basis, so you only pay for the time it takes giving you control over what you need. We can book time on an hourly, daily or weekly basis as you require, and on a monthly retainer basis.

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